Words To Marry By

It’s Monday…yea. I am rather excited though because day after tomorrow I get to go home to Oregon to be with my family, do a couple photo shoots and eat a lot of food. All good things.

Today I wanted to give you some words to marry by. But no, after nearly five years of marriage I’m not going to tell you all what the “secrets” of a good marriage are (I think it has something to do with cheese…and talking).  I wanted to show you some sweet signs you could display at your wedding.

First up is actually a quote that A & I used on our favor tags at our wedding. We had an Old Hollywood inspired affair, with quotes from old movies on the tables and this quote fit perfectly.

You’ve probably seen this one floating around the internet, but I don’t care. I love this sentiment and I think choosing a different frame would make this poster have a very different look if you wanted to make it your own.

Classically sweet messages:

Believe this heart and soul.

Literary love.

Lastly, perfect for an Oregon wedding, she has other states too if you weren’t blessed to be born an Oregonian.

Don’t these signs make “Wedding This Way” signs seem a little sad? Add some words that could probably say it better than you, and in prettier typography.

Image One: gussysews.com find similar ones here; Image Two: debbos.tumblr.com similar ones: here; Image Three: flickr.com; Image Four: etsy.com; Image Five: gunsontheplayground.tumblr.com; Image Seven: etsy.com

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5 Responses to Words To Marry By

  1. Rho Mueller-Warrant says:

    The love quotes are wonderful. I had a gifted teacher once who talked a lot about life. He told us “I renew my wedding vows everyday.” We don’t stay together because 2 or 5 or 20 years ago we spoke vows. No, each day I want to be in love with my husband! We’ve only been together 37 years so far. Each day is precious.

  2. Lovely quotes Rebekah. And your wedding sonuds beautiful.

  3. Heidi says:

    These are wonderful… They’d make good anniversary or valentine’s day inspiration as well.

    Have fun in Oregon!

    - Heidi

  4. val says:

    Hi again, love the quotes and the art.


  5. Love these! But my favorite is the one from Pride and Prejudice. Beautiful blog! I’ll be back =)

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