What Really Matters In A Wedding:

When it came out I posted a link to our facebook page of this open letter from an anonymous photographer that was shared on the Hindsight Bride’s blog called “Dear Wedding Bloggers, You Suck.” While I was reading it I found myself alternating between fist pumps and shouts of “Exactly!!” and also wondering if I was perpetrating any of these same complaints.

The letter was complaining about how details at weddings (when shared on wedding blogs) have begun to eclipse the actual union of two people coming together to get married, obviously the most important detail. While I always, always say that the most important part of any wedding is the couple themselves, as a designer I do very much like the details.

However, I am of the strong believe that whatever details you should have should be about you. Don’t chose anything just because you’ve seen it on a blog and it looks like something that that blog might feature later. Chose whatever details you love because you know that when your guests see them they’ll say, “That is so them!”

The letter was mostly pointed at the big wedding blogs. Well, today Abby Larson, the creator of what some might say is the biggest wedding blog (Style Me Pretty) posted a letter in response with her thoughts. In the few interactions I’ve had with Abby through emails she seems to truly be a lovely person and her response, as well as actually saying she’s taking these things into consideration and is always striving to improve SMP, shows she’s just that. Here is a link to Style Me Pretty’s Backstage Blog (also an amazing resource by the way) where Abby shares her thoughts and wisdom to the Bloggers Suck letter titled, “It’s All In The Details…Or Is It?” Please read both letters as they’re both great food for thought.

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