Vision Board Film

Last week two of my creative buddies, Nikol and Chloe came over for a creative mind meld and to make vision boards! If you’ve never made a vision board (I hadn’t) the purpose is to help you to discover what your goals (and wildest dreams) are and to help bring them them to life by showing them in visual form. You’re supposed to choose an image without thinking too much about it, let it speak to you and then let it come to fruition.

Here’s the video we made of my vision board: And yes…some of it has already started to happen!


One thing that I found interesting about seeing the whole board at the end (I really tried to let my “inner animal” as the instructions tell you to do, choose the images without over thinking why) was the era I’m most attracted to (sixties, big surprise there) as well as a particular color palette. I found that I was most drawn to bright colors, strong graphics and a modern sixties inspired look…again, not a huge surprise but it was still eye catching to see it all on the board together, and obviously there are personal meanings tied into the images as well.

Music by Misiac.

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