Vintage Tin Centerpieces

I know it’s not a new trend, but it is a favorite look of mine. I am in fact something of a tin fanatic. I was fortunate enough to spend two months in France last year and I kid you not that half of my suitcase was filled with vintage tins. I love the faded typography and the contents that it used to hold (one of the strangest that I saw recently was a vintage tin for cottage cheese, that one certainly evokes an image! ). I really love vintage tins being used for wedding centerpieces and table accents. Here’s a little collection.

Now, it may just be the hoarder in me, but I think collecting them would be half the fun!

Images from left to right. Image One:; Image Two:; Image Three:; Image Four:; Image Five:; Image Six:; Image Seven:; Image Eight:; Image Nine:

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  1. These are all so beautiful, I totally agree….collecting them would be half the fun! And they will live on and have many more uses. -kg (from byw forum)

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