Silhouette Cake Toppers

I have so loved the transition from enormous (and in my opinion, less personal) wedding cakes to the smaller and more simplistic designs of late.  I especially love simple details that can be added to the most simple cakes to give them a flair for the couple’s personalities. One such addition I like is the silhouette cake topper. Here’s a little round-up, all of which you can find on Etsy!

This wooden set of silhouettes would be great as a keepsake for after the wedding.

These silhouette toppers are great for a couple seeking a more modern and classic topper.

Another fun, and vintage inspired, topper:

If you want the look on cupcakes, this company makes custom fondant silhouette toppers.

Find them all here: Image One:; Images Two, Three and Four:; Image Five:; Image Six:

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3 Responses to Silhouette Cake Toppers

  1. homestilo says:

    These are so adorable- makes me want to try it for myself!
    Happy to find you via BYW!

  2. Ann says:

    These are fantastic! I like the simplicity we are trending toward, as well. It really should be about the love and not just the party. I would definitely want one of these if I were getting married.

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