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I hope you’re all having a restful weekend! Anyone dressing up as anything fun? I found a fun vintage leopard print jacket at a sale today so I’ll be wearing that as a 60s character, ala Alfred Hitchcock.

Today I have rounded up some pretty printables for you. First up, just in time for Halloween is a cool printable paper mask, you could print it on decorative paper and then cut out the shape if you wanted it to have another design element to it.

These printable medallions dress up simple jars and would work for favors, but are also the perfect size for canning jar lids!

These “fall flavored” diy envelopes are fun and I love the bright colors, it would definitely be a treat to receive one of these in the mail.

I don’t know about you but I’m finding that I want to be reorganizing everything right now (it’s great before the holidays if you can manage so that you can know what you actually “need”). These pantry labels are perfect, and really cute. Bonus: They also come with great gift tags for things that you make from your pantry.

Our last pretty printable for the day are these sweet calling cards. You can make them mommy cards, or even business cards too. Print them on heavy weight paper for the nicest quality with whatever message or information works best for you.

Hope you have fun with these, you can find the printables here: One:; Two:; Three:; Four:; Five:


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2 Responses to Pretty Printables

  1. Rho Mueller-Warrant says:

    I want to see pics of you in the leopard jacket Bekah!

  2. Marre says:

    The striped enveloppes are really nice! Makes me want to throw a party so I can use them :-)

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