Vision Quest

I’m excited that today two of my wonderfully creative friends are coming over to discuss our upcoming year and to make “vision boards” with me. I have to confess I’ve never actually made a vision board before, but I think they’re really beautiful and excited at the prospect of them helping to visualize my goals!

Mine might not be quite so full as this one, but it sure is gorgeous to behold.

If you were like me and as clueless about how to start a vision board I found a great article here.

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Thank You To Our Service Women & Men

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Blogshop Video Recap

This has been an extremely inspiring week. A and I started off the week in Blogshop Video. He has a masters in film so I have been eager to catch up (as if that’s really possible) to his skill level. We’ve been talking about making videos for years and now that Photoshop makes editing within it so simple it’s finally time. As always Bri and Angela (and Arian this time too!) helped to break everything down in very simple steps, but also never sacrificing style. Leaving Blogshop always makes me feel creatively refreshed and  ready to take on new ventures and well, make pretty things.

Here’s hoping an Illustrator class will be next! Here’s a little preview from our first mini film, we can’t wait to make more for our various projects!


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I Can’t Help It…

Today was such a fun day! I got to meet with three different photographers throughout the day, didn’t even realize it when I was scheduling all of my meetings. Each photographer had such a different style and energy and it is completely contagious! Meeting with photographers makes me feel so invigorated, I love creating different looks and projects, but without a photographer whatever I make would never gets to come to life. I cannot wait to debut some new projects with these talented ladies. I’ve written several times about my admiration for photographers, but I just can’t say it enough…I LOVE photographers!

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Exciting Announcement!

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A & I dropped our ballots off bright and early this morning (since we’ll be in Blogshop again all day today, so fun!). Please go out and vote today!

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Hello! Lucky

My friend and I had such a great time at Hello! Lucky’s open studio. Emma is a future letterpress artist herself so it was really fun for me to have someone that could tell me a little bit about the machines and the process. I picked up a few gifts and some great cards, plus…I got to meet Sabrina and Eunice! I’m such a big fan of their work, their weddings, and their books so it was such a pleasure to get to actually meet them face to face. They (and the whole Hello! Lucky team) were so kind and nice and I got to actually letterpress a card too! All around very exciting, can’t wait for their next open studio.

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Need To Shed A Few Tears?

You probably know the name Elizabeth Messina because of her numerous magazine covers, her book, editorial work or from her wedding photography that I’m fairly sure has the graced screens of every wedding blog. She’s a true talent and in addition to her gorgeous photography she is also the mother of three bi-racial children with her African-American husband.

Today Huffington Post published an open letter she wrote to the President. Whatever your political leanings may be, this is an article that should not be missed. Elizabeth talks about how when Obama ran, and eventually won, the presidential campaign he changed the life of her son. Even recapping her words here I’m almost in tears. I have two African-American sisters and I remember when Obama became President having very similar thoughts of my own. I will never know what it is to be a woman (or person) of color, nor will I ever truly know what it’s like to be African-American in a white family (and white town). Just as Elizabeth says, being able to look into a face you love so much and be able to say “you can be anything you want to be” and to really believe it is an incredible feeling that Obama made possible. Please read Elizabeth’s open letter to President Obama for yourself to further understand this perspective.

Photo by Elizabeth Messina.





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Halloween Hangover

How are you feeling today? After three hours of trick-or-treating and a few fun-size delights last night (okay, and today) I’m exhausted! The kids were absolutely adorable, and I got to see first hand the utter joy of Halloween through a child’s eyes again. There was one house with full-sized candy bars for goodness sakes!! Did you have a good Halloween?

Image via Korean Vogue.

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Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have fun, or cozy, plans tonight! I am very excited to be going trick-or-treating with my siblings this year for the first time in…I can’t even remember when. It’s rainy, but that doesn’t dampen their spirits when it comes to getting as much candy as possible!

Taking kids trick-or-treating is so much fun, but until I have my own it makes me think that we should come up with a Halloween tradition we do each year. In the past we’ve watched classic scary movies, which I’m a huge fan of. I want to morph that into projecting them above our fireplace and making a huge nest for a scary movie marathon, next year! Do you have any fun non-kid related Halloween traditions?

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