And, We’re Live!

I can’t believe this day is finally here! I cannot tell you what it feels like to have a site that actually reflects who I am, and what I do. The Weaver House worked so hard to create a site that showcased my work and my style.

Please, go check it out and let me know what you think! will remain our blog for now, with a link to our new site on the sidebar. You can find it yourself now at!

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Romantic El Salvadorian Inspiration Shoot-Published on Green Wedding Shoes!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be published on Green Wedding Shoes today and to finally be able to share photos from El Salvador! Feast your eyes on these gorgeous images shot by Sarah of Twenty Twenty Studios.

The venue where the shoot took place was like Eden, all of the flowers from the shoot (except the protea) were all grown on-site. There were plants growing there that I’ve never seen in my life! Long blue hanging flowers that looked like orchids with big pods suspended from vines…it was like being in a Jules Verne novel. Casa Curry also has a coffee plantation on the property!

When I was designing this shoot I wanted to create something that was a spin on tropical destination weddings by it being inspired by the surroundings but not having to fit a particular palette you wouldn’t use outside of the locale (read: typical bird of paradise in/on everything and orange and brown being your most dominant colors) .

One of the greatest parts, aside from the awe-inducing surroundings and the opportunity to create designs in a part of the world I had never been to, was to be able to share all of this with my best friend of the past 20+ years. Isn’t she a beauty, folks?! Also, today’s her birthday so it’s especially fun GWS published this shoot today!

I used natural elements from the property, as well as coffee beans as a nod to the other part of the property that is a functioning coffee plantation.

Aren’t the paper products by Little Miss Press stunning?

Make sure to check out the rest of the shoot (and the adorable film Twenty Twenty Studios made!) on Green Wedding Shoes!

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West Elm Event & Summer Entertaining!

A little while back we got to host another event with West Elm, this time about summer entertaining. I had a blast getting to style a summer entertaining table with their amazing pieces. I was lucky enough to have Sarah of Twenty Twenty Studios with me to capture photos and to make a fun film of the event!

I am so in love with West Elm’s Melamine plates they have right now! I had a great time layering them and mixing and matching patterns.

At the event it was really fun to be able to answer questions and give tips for entertaining this summer. One tip that I gave, and how I styled the table, was to save money from using plates you may already have. I used, and love, their Glazed Terracotta plates and love the idea of mixing existing plates with colorful ones for summer. Their bright melamine plates are so fun and remind me of papel pacado, they have matching pillows too!

I love eating al fresco in the summer, but umbrella tables can make it hard to cover your table, so I made a runner out of placemats (another great money saving tip too, since you may already have some on hand!) and filled the umbrella hole with West Elm paper flowers and the adorable little hedgehog holders with air plants.

I think summer is perfect for having fun with color, which clearly I did at this event! I love mixing unexpected elements too, like these delicate calligraphy place cards by Little Miss Press on the vintage inspired loud melamine plates, or the plant marker sticks I used as drink stirrers.

What are your favorite elements to decorate with in the summer? Do you go all out with bright colors, or tend towards a more neutral palette?

If you weren’t able to make the event, here’s Sarah’s film to show you how much fun we had! Also, we made a fun DIY at the event too that I’ll be sharing next week!



WEST ELM: Summer Entertaining Event from Sarah Gerber on Vimeo.

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Mother’s Day Crafts With Anthropologie

I hope you all enjoyed our sneak peek from our recent Anthro event….get ready because the whole shebang is awaiting you! We had THE best time hosting this Mother’s Day craft with Anthropologie and the photos by Kirsten Julia Photography are gorgeous and you’re going to love the film too!

Before I get into the step-by-steps I have to show you the obscenely adorable film that Sarah of Twenty Twenty Studios made!


Anthro Mother’s Day DIY Event from Sarah Gerber on Vimeo.


Amazing, right?! Now for the steps so you create your own version at home!

First find a hard surface (we used boards that we didn’t mind getting any flower juices on), brush (or your hands), thick scratch paper, flowers, a hammering implement and whatever paper product you want to use.

After you’ve got your supplies together select flowers in a color palette that you like.

Next, arrange your flowers in the design you want. Here is where our attendees got really creative! Some created bouquet shapes (that they were going to add twine bows to later), others arranged the flowers so that the colors would be evenly spread across the card and others put tape down first so that when they brushed the flowers away there would be white space left.

Put your arranged flowers and card under the scratch paper.

Next mash your flowers and stems until they are flat beneath the paper, we used jars to do this, but you can use anything you can hammer away with!

Discard your paper, brush off your flowers and take off tape if you’ve used it.

Add whatever message you want by hand, or with stamps, washi tape, etc. and voila! Your card is all done and ready to go. I especially loved this craft because it’s one that you could make with any kind of paper: bookmark, envelopes, invitations (how gorgeous would those be?!), escort cards, you get the idea.

Thank you so much to everyone that came to our event, Kirsten Julia Photography and Twenty Twenty Studios for capturing this event beautifully and the amazing staff and Anthropologie for having us!

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Anthropologie Sneak Peek!

This past weekend we hosted a Mother’s Day craft event with Anthropologie in Walnut Creek, CA. We had such a fun time, and were amazed by how creative our attendees were! I’m so excited to share a little sneak peek of some of the beautiful photos that Kirsten Julia Photography captured and will share the rest of them, along with a fun film from Twenty Twenty Studios, soon!

The idea behind our craft was to make a modern pressed flower card design. We used fresh flowers and pressed, rolled, and hammered them to (literally) get the juices flowing.

The result was a watercolor-like look that could be applied to any paper product you want; bookmarks, wrapping paper, etc. Even the remnants were beautiful!

I loved how the crafters all interpreted the craft in different ways: some made a bouquet shape with the flowers before pressing them onto their cards, others put down tape to create a striped motif.

Thank you so much to those who came and crafted with us, and thank you to the amazing Anthropologie staff as well; Alex and Karen you were such a great help and it was wonderful meeting you! Do you have your Mother’s Day gifts/crafts all ready to go? I think any mom would love receiving these beautiful homemade cards! I love that you can pick the flowers you use from your garden, or while out on a walk, etc.

Stay tuned for the full DIY post soon!

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Weekend Time!

I can’t believe tomorrow is already time for our Anthro event! If you haven’t yet, try to reserve a spot while there are a few still open. The event is free but the spots have been going quickly so nab a seat here while you can!

Last weekend we went to the Trinity Alps on a site visit with one of our 2013 couples, it was amazing. So beautiful and is getting us pumped for all of our upcoming weddings! I’ve got a lot to catch up on, hopefully next week I’ll be able to start some fun recap posts.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Come To Our Anthropologie Event!

I am so excited to get to announce this morning that we’re hosting an event with Anthropologie in just a few short weeks! This is going to be such a fun morning: we’ll make some crafts for your mom, Grandma, or another important woman in your life (or yourself!), nosh on some treats, and maybe do a little shopping after!

It’s going to be such a fun time, the event is free but the spots fill up quickly so nab a seat here while you can!

We hope you can make it, we’ll be using fresh flowers to create an artsy modern take on pressed flowers!

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In Honor Of Earth Day

Yesterday Alex, my Grandma, and I headed out of the city to enjoy the stunning scenery we’re blessed to have so near to us. Alex and I had never been to Muir Woods, and were deeply ashamed of this fact, and decided to make it right just in time for Earth Day.

I’m not sure if you follow us on IG or our FB page but we were in a bad car accident several weeks ago where I suffered a concussion (new legitimate excuse for editing errors!) and have had to severely limit my screen time, physical activities and pretty much anything else enjoyable, so getting out of the house and into nature felt especially good.

My Grandma read my mind, as the best Grandma’s do, and said that it felt like church. She is so right, there’s something about being in such pure surroundings that really clarifies where you stand in the world.

We’re already planning our next excursion, we’re fortunate to live somewhere where there is so much wilderness at our fingertips! Where are your favorite places to get out of the house and into nature in the Bay Area?

Also, in honor of Earth Day Design Sponge featured a Sneak Peek: Best Of: Reuse with the side table I created for Alex using a vintage office chair and found wooden crate! To see our full home tour, with photos by Kirsten Julia Photography, click here.

*All photos and graphics are my own, if you want to use them please ask, thanks!

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Vision Board Film

Last week two of my creative buddies, Nikol and Chloe came over for a creative mind meld and to make vision boards! If you’ve never made a vision board (I hadn’t) the purpose is to help you to discover what your goals (and wildest dreams) are and to help bring them them to life by showing them in visual form. You’re supposed to choose an image without thinking too much about it, let it speak to you and then let it come to fruition.

Here’s the video we made of my vision board: And yes…some of it has already started to happen!


One thing that I found interesting about seeing the whole board at the end (I really tried to let my “inner animal” as the instructions tell you to do, choose the images without over thinking why) was the era I’m most attracted to (sixties, big surprise there) as well as a particular color palette. I found that I was most drawn to bright colors, strong graphics and a modern sixties inspired look…again, not a huge surprise but it was still eye catching to see it all on the board together, and obviously there are personal meanings tied into the images as well.

Music by Misiac.

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Rainy Daze

I woke up this morning with tons of energy, it was beautiful out and light was shining through my windows while it lightly rained and I felt very much bright and adorable like the above image. Then, at about eleven a.m. the clouds completely covered the sun and it remained looking like dusk the entire rest of the day. I went from above, to below image right quick (minus the cigarette).

I’ve got to just snap out of it because it is almost winter after all and I did live in Oregon for over twenty years…I’ll deal. In the meantime I’m really enjoying starting Friday Night Lights.


photo one, pattern, photo two

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