One Invite- Four Ways

Basic Invite recently reached out to have me style one of their invites, four ways. Invites are one of my favorite design elements because they give a preview of what’s to come at the wedding itself. Getting those invites on a budget is even better. Paper products can get really expensive when you’re planning a wedding, but the instinct to go cheap may leave you with tissue thin paper, ink that smears, and cheesy designs. This is exactly why I love companies like Basic Invite so much. For one, you can order samples ahead of time (with customized colors, wording, paper type, shape, etc.) so you really know what you’re getting and don’t have to worry about any surprises once your invites arrive.

Here are my four looks with one invite, and this is Basic Invite’s “Watercolor Bouquet,” by the way!

This wedding I imagine would be “elevated preppy meets rustic.” Perhaps a black tie affair, but on a farm, with floral designs that would echo those found on the invite. Featuring calligraphy by Aubriana Kasper and ribbon from Silk & Willow.

This next style is for a couple I imagine getting married in a more modern space– maybe a museum or botanical garden, with a sleek interior. Their flowers would probably be sparse (which makes featuring them on the paper products so fun, because they get to remain minimal), and I could see pops of green from tropical plants perhaps. Featuring calligraphy by Little Miss Press.

The couple that would style their wedding like this loves the country, and summer fading in the twilight, with a little bit of a French touch. Their wedding flowers would look freshly picked and likely would have come from close to the property where the wedding will be taking place. Everything will be beautiful, but have that touch of perfectly imperfect. It will be a relaxed affair where guests linger, talking well into the night.

Our last couple is having a forest fete that’s elegant and a little moody. They love organic elements like this rough-edged ribbon, or the name cards (featuring calligraphy by Bright Room Studio), with elegant envelopes with calligraphy by Little Miss Press, they would have sumptuous floral designs on the tables that are reminiscent of the great Dutch impressionists. Foraged elements would be featured throughout and their dinner would be a main highlight.

While so many elements are customizable with these products, if you’re still worried about your invitation not feeling “curated” enough, you can do what I did and add that fine art look with accessories like vintage stamps, calligraphy on your envelopes, a wax seal, or beautiful ribbon wrapping your invites. Again, your invite is a preview of what will come on the wedding day, it’s something to get your guests excited about your big day! So, what’s your style? Were you surprised that one distinct style of invite really doesn’t lock you into only one look?

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