Mother’s Day Crafts With Anthropologie

I hope you all enjoyed our sneak peek from our recent Anthro event….get ready because the whole shebang is awaiting you! We had THE best time hosting this Mother’s Day craft with Anthropologie and the photos by Kirsten Julia Photography are gorgeous and you’re going to love the film too!

Before I get into the step-by-steps I have to show you the obscenely adorable film that Sarah of Twenty Twenty Studios made!


Anthro Mother’s Day DIY Event from Sarah Gerber on Vimeo.


Amazing, right?! Now for the steps so you create your own version at home!

First find a hard surface (we used boards that we didn’t mind getting any flower juices on), brush (or your hands), thick scratch paper, flowers, a hammering implement and whatever paper product you want to use.

After you’ve got your supplies together select flowers in a color palette that you like.

Next, arrange your flowers in the design you want. Here is where our attendees got really creative! Some created bouquet shapes (that they were going to add twine bows to later), others arranged the flowers so that the colors would be evenly spread across the card and others put tape down first so that when they brushed the flowers away there would be white space left.

Put your arranged flowers and card under the scratch paper.

Next mash your flowers and stems until they are flat beneath the paper, we used jars to do this, but you can use anything you can hammer away with!

Discard your paper, brush off your flowers and take off tape if you’ve used it.

Add whatever message you want by hand, or with stamps, washi tape, etc. and voila! Your card is all done and ready to go. I especially loved this craft because it’s one that you could make with any kind of paper: bookmark, envelopes, invitations (how gorgeous would those be?!), escort cards, you get the idea.

Thank you so much to everyone that came to our event, Kirsten Julia Photography and Twenty Twenty Studios for capturing this event beautifully and the amazing staff and Anthropologie for having us!

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