Love For Fall: Food

Might this just be my favorite love of fall? It’s possible. Fall foods are rich, sumptuous and so flavorful, but not too heavy like traditional foods of winter.

Let’s start with breakfast! How amazing do these pumpkin waffles and pancakes look?

Now, lunchtime! Spicy pumpkin hummus and chili roasted pumpkin seeds, yum.

I haven’t tried either of these recipes, and I want both. Now. First, pumpkin seed mole verde (wow) and a creamy pumpkin soup next!

I clearly wouldn’t forget dessert. Pumpkin cookies, anyone ever have these?

There almost aren’t words for these: pumpkin gingerbread ice-cream sandwiches. Please someone make these for me.

Please enjoy the links to these recipes, and tell me when ones you will (or have) tried! Are you enjoying “fall” week yet??

One:; Two:; Three:; Four:; Five:; Six:; Seven:; Eight:

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  1. Hannah says:

    Yumm! Have you tried any of them yet? I am going to make slow cooker pumpkin oatmeal tonight

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