Love For Fall: Decor

For me, fall is one of the easiest seasons to find beauty everywhere around you. This love of fall beauty has led me to dedicate this week’s posts to it. Each day I’ll focus on a different area to find fall beauty dwelling in. Today’s post is dedicated to fall decor. Because of how rampant fresh goods are at this time of harvest, I prefer to decorate with natural items.

This first look is one of my favorites, and such a unique concept. This is a DIY project you could easily (and extremely affordably) emulate yourself too. Very few supplies and the look is chic and modern.

Gourd garlands are also a favorite concept of mine, grocery stores and farmers markets are chock full of beautiful gourds and pumpkins and they’re inexpensive. I would love to see some in coordinating colors and patterns, black and white, green and yellow, etc.

Simply arranging gourds or pumpkins in like colors, or a palate that you like can be gorgeous on its own.

Obviously, along with my favorite natural fall elements I also seem to like stunning photography accompanying them!

What’s your favorite fall decor?

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