Living Wedding Favors

Favors are one of my favorite details from weddings, they really allow the couple to be creative and they’re yet another area where couples can show their personality. One of the downsides of favors can be that some of them go to waste and the guests will never use them again (I’m talking to you personalized flip-flops!). Some of my favorite favors are living favors, not just seeds that someone will forget in a drawer somewhere, but seedlings, saplings, succulents and other plants.

These strawberry plant favors are simple, and affordable, but have a a modern look and would be totally customizable.

Saplings are another living favor idea. You could get the variety you wanted from a local nursery or if you’re very ambitious (and have an area to grow them) you could start them from seeds.

Succulents have been a popular favor and they’re doubly efficient when used as escort or place cards. I LOVE these Mexican tins that this couple used for their succulents! Any container can work for succulents because of their neutral colors and complex shapes.

Living favors are “green,” they support local nurseries and they are both something that your guests will use after the wedding and that they’ll remember you by each time they look at their growing favor.

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6 Responses to Living Wedding Favors

  1. Marie says:

    Love these! Especially the strawberry plants, that’s an awesomely delicious favor idea :)

    Looks like photo two was taken by Woodland Fields Photography and appeared on Snippet & Ink:

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Rebekah – This is such a great idea! The succulents in the tins are my favorites.

    I’ve gone to many weddings where I’ve ended up with pretty, but really useless wedding favors, even sometimes weird ones. The last wedding I went to, the couple used mini shopping carts stuffed with candy as their favors. I didn’t really get the relevance of the shopping cart, and unfortunately it eventually ended up in my garbage.

    • Rebekah says:

      Jennifer, I just actually laughed out loud. Shopping cart with candy? They weren’t avid grocery store workers, or the family doesn’t come from a long line of shopping cart designers?! So strange, but hilarious and proving my point exactly ;)

  3. Tina Riddell says:

    These are fabulous, I love wedding favours that have a lasting effect! These fit that bill perfectly!

    Cute blog, byw!

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