I’ve Finally Jumped On The Bandwagon- Artifact Uprising

I feel like I’m arriving incredibly late to the scene on this, but I’ve rather fallen in love with Artifact Uprising this year. I have had so many photographer (and regular) friends that have been using, and loving, AU for years, and I have even been writing about them for ages, but this fall I finally started delving in a little deeper for my own personal projects. I had been receiving, and squirreling away, their newsletter for over a year at least- they have really helpful photography tips and specials, etc. in their newsletter, by the way. I, like so many people I’m sure, have been guilty of taking photos I really love, but ultimately leaving them on my tech to wither and be forgotten.

When they contacted me and asked if I’d actually like to try some of their products myself, instead of just sharing how much other people love them (the plight of the freelance writer), I was really excited to see if it was worth the hype!

This fall I finally ordered some of their square prints, then I ordered our holiday photo cards (all made from 100 percent recycled paper, which I love!) from them as well (+ more prints for gifts), and lastly, I ordered their new Wooden Photo Ledge (we got the 18″ version) for the Bitty Berkeley Bungalow. I loved this photo ledge because for one thing, we actually have no photos in our little house at all, which is kind-of bizarre considering that both my work as a stylist and interiors writer are all completely based off of imagery.

Since we have triple-lap siding as our walls I have been all too commitment phobic about adding holes where I’m not sure something is going to stay, so we ended up with no photos in our whole space. With the Photo Ledge, I don’t feel like I have to commit to one photo, or even a handful of photos, they can easily be rotated (I would love to say I am the type of person that would have my $%!^ together enough to put up photos of family that is visiting at a particular time, or coordinate it with the seasons, etc, but you know, reality) whenever I want, and I can even tuck photos behind the ones in front so I have the least amount of effort possible, and can just turn them over when I want a change. We’ve been in Bend for the past week, but I couldn’t wait to see how it looked in the flesh, so I took these photos of our prints and ledge at the cabin where we were staying!

Lucky for you, they are still offering expedited shipping for the holidays! But also, like, who wouldn’t want a Happy New Year gift? Insert woman raising her hand emoji here!

What about you? Have you tried Artifact Uprising yet? Is their sustainability what got you, or their modern and well-designed pieces? Thank you AU for making me into a convert!

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