In Honor Of Earth Day

Yesterday Alex, my Grandma, and I headed out of the city to enjoy the stunning scenery we’re blessed to have so near to us. Alex and I had never been to Muir Woods, and were deeply ashamed of this fact, and decided to make it right just in time for Earth Day.

I’m not sure if you follow us on IG or our FB page but we were in a bad car accident several weeks ago where I suffered a concussion (new legitimate excuse for editing errors!) and have had to severely limit my screen time, physical activities and pretty much anything else enjoyable, so getting out of the house and into nature felt especially good.

My Grandma read my mind, as the best Grandma’s do, and said that it felt like church. She is so right, there’s something about being in such pure surroundings that really clarifies where you stand in the world.

We’re already planning our next excursion, we’re fortunate to live somewhere where there is so much wilderness at our fingertips! Where are your favorite places to get out of the house and into nature in the Bay Area?

Also, in honor of Earth Day Design Sponge featured a Sneak Peek: Best Of: Reuse with the side table I created for Alex using a vintage office chair and found wooden crate! To see our full home tour, with photos by Kirsten Julia Photography, click here.

*All photos and graphics are my own, if you want to use them please ask, thanks!

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