How To Choose Whom To Invite…

If you’re hoping to have a smaller, more intimate wedding, trimming down your guest list can be a necessary challenge. Most of us can think of the people that have to be at the wedding, but then you start to remember more people, and more, and more and more until you’ve invited both your extended families and your neighbors and everyone you work with. Before your guest list gets out of control, consult this chart to help you keep it all in perspective.

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8 Responses to How To Choose Whom To Invite…

  1. Oh the great “who to invite” struggle of every wedding. Love this as a way of helping people with that decision making process.

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Hey Rebekah…what a wonderful blog. Fantastic ideas – wish I had had your blog to turn to when I was getting married! I will be sure to share this with everyone I know who is planning on getting married. Great resource!

    Your fellow BYW student,


  3. sarah says:

    Hi Rebekah -

    Just saw your comment over at my site and decided to come check out yours. The site is so wonderful and I absolutely love the design! I have lots of friends going through the process right now so I’ll have to direct them over here. I’m really excited to look around and read more!


  4. Hi Rebekah, Your post is so important! My children are adopted, and we have open adoptions with three of the birthfamilies. When the time comes, my daughter’s wedding list will be crazy. We’ll need something like your chart.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Michelle says:

    Great chart! This would have been really helpful when I was getting married.

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