Holiday Cheer And All That

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind for us. We had our two latest shoots and then as soon as I got back from Oregon I was slammed with a nasty cold which I’m hoping to soon be over with. We spent most of the weekend trying to get organized, setting up for the holidays, doing a little holiday shopping today and watching Home Alone several times.

I’m working on a DIY for one of our gifts that I’m pretty excited about, but can’t yet share because I don’t want everyone to know what they’re getting this year.

Another reason everything has been such a blur is that A’s having a rather big birthday next weekend and I’ve been scrambling to get everything together for a fun and memorable birthday bash. I’m also making a cake from scratch for only the second time in my life (the last time was four years ago for a slightly less big birthday for him!). He wants something similar looking to this:

The one I made for him four years ago was delicious but began to fall apart (no, I probably didn’t let it cool completely before stacking and icing it) and I had to wrap it with saran wrap to keep together since he hadn’t yet come home. So, three layers of chocolate with chocolate peanut butter frosting in between the layers and chocolate frosting on the outside it is! Again, scared. Also, I desperately need to learn how to frost before then!

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2 Responses to Holiday Cheer And All That

  1. Rho Mueller-Warrant says:

    The cake looks yummy. You can make some practice ones and send them my way!!! Can’t wait to see the next pictures that you took in Oregon.

  2. Looking forward to posts on those photoshoots you mentioned! Happy baking — I’m sure the cake will turn out great. :-)

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