Glassybaby, Now in Berkeley!

Last week I did something admittedly unlike me, I actually went out after a long day styling a shoot (can’t wait to share more of that when it’s published) I know, I amazed myself. Since we moved back to Berkeley I have been trying to let my developed, and somewhat snobbish attitude about how great Oakland was, go by learning about all the amazing shops and creatives that have moved to Berkeley in our absence. One of the newest, and really exciting, businesses that has ventured to Berkeley is Glassybaby.

Have you heard of them? They began in Seattle (which my PNW raised heart felt even more connected to) when Lee Rhodes was suffering through a battle with cancer and a handmade glass vessel from her husband (after she gifted him lessons so that he could have a distraction from her struggle) with a tea light in it became a beacon of calm and hope. To support those supporting her and others who were struggling with their health she began hiring glassblowers to make molds of her husband’s first creation to give as gifts.

Today, Glassybaby is an incredibly successful business with various locations in and around Seattle, San Francisco and now Berkeley. I’ll try to avoid too many glassblowing puns, but truly, out of the ashes rose this incredible business, and those roots have not been forgotten. When Lee was going through chemo-therapy she realized how much of a financial burden illnesses can be on families (no one reimburses babysitting, gas, food, lodging, etc.) so to date, Glassybaby has donated nearly 4 million dollars to organizations who support those struggling with finding hope so that they can focus on healing. They also actually pay living wages and benefits to their employees as well. All that to say, this is a company you can feel good about supporting. Here are a few of those said employees now, tell me Flashdance doesn’t immediately come to mind.

Alex and I each picked out a favorite, I picked the first Glassybaby color, “True White” (which is actually more of a pink when lit) and Alex said that he wanted to pick one that “closest matched the blue of my eyes,” which happens to be ” Mountain Lake”  apparently. I’m a lucky lady, indeed. One of the most interesting parts about the votives and glasses is that no two have the exact same hue when they’re lit. Here’s how you test how yours will look at home, in the dark.

Such a lovely evening, really cool studio, and amazing mission-driven company!




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