For The Love Of Cheese

I am a dairyophile, or a cheeseophile: I love nothing more than a warm crusty baguette and some creamy cheese to spread all over it. While the image of me shoving my face with fine cheeses might not be what you would want to envision for your sweet wedding, providing  a selection of cheeses will make your guests do the happy food dance while they *delicately* eat your favorite picks.

Not only are cheese selections stylish and attractive, they are also yet another way of showing your personality. You can have a couple’s pick with both of your favorite selections, or a bride and groom pick where you each choose your favorite. I heard of one couple that, as an ice breaker during the cocktail hour, had a competition where guests picked whose pick (the bride’s or the groom’s) was their favorite and then voted.

Here’s a cute download for cheese tags you could print and make for your own wedding or party via The Pretty Blog.  Bon Appetit!

Image One:, Image Two:, Image Three:


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  1. I am an admitted, die-hard cheeseaholic and this post is absolutely delicious looking! I also love the entire look of your blog – very inspiring!

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