Fall, officially

Fall always seems to appear somewhat miraculously after the blur of summer has gone by too quickly. Today was officially the first day of Fall and while I’m laid-up post shoulder surgery, I’m fantasizing about when I can have fun with Fall fashion: opaque tights, differently tied scarves, boots, and layers.

I like to take my summer wardrobe and turn it Fall friendly without having to buy too many new pieces. Adding a vintage cable-knit sweater, black opaque tights, and my favorite boots to an otherwise summer-ready dress is a perfect example (especially since I cannot currently use zippered pants with just my one working arm). I recently picked up a vintage button-up cable-knit sweater at Buffalo Exchange and I am totally obsessed. I love it so much, in fact, that it’s helping to soften the blow of cooler weather. That, and it fits in my sling, so that helps. Here are a few of my favorite looks inspired by my new favorite Fall staple:

What are your go-to Fall favorites? Do you look forward to wearing certain pieces when the seasons change, or find it all a hassle?

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