Love For Fall: Flowers

Flowers, like food, are plentiful in fall and they get more interesting looking too. Autumnal floral arrangements can include different pods, dried plants and even types of fruits and vegetables. My favorite fall flowers are deeply saturated, unstructured and varying in color, like these:

This arrangement would be simple to recreate and great for seasonal centerpieces.

This arrangement is very earthy and natural, which I like.

What I love about this arrangement are the pops of white, a less typical fall color. The berries and rose-hips are an amazing touch too.

I love the colors of this bouquet, and the look of it be partially dried a lot as well.

I’ve saved the best for last, this arrangement has every fall element I like best. I love the greenery gently curling off of it and the mixture of light and dark colors, the yellow ribbon is a nice touch too.

Which types of fall arrangements do you like best?

One:; Two:; Three:; Four:; Five:; Six:

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  1. Sofia says:

    They are all stunning!

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