Fall inspiration board!

I made a little pumpkin (and one squash) decorating inspiration board for ya’ll. As an adult, pumpkin decorating can lose some of its thrill, but this inspiration board shows you that you can still have fun getting creative carving or adorning your pumpkins. The gilded pumpkin made with thumbtacks is rather brilliant. Time consuming, but brilliant none the less. Under my board there are the sources and lots of the designs have links to the diy instructions.

(From left to right, mostly) Image One: marthastewart.com; Image Two: bhg.com; Image Three: countryliving.com; Image Four: dollarstorecrafts.com; Image Five: hgtv.com; Image Six: younghouselove.com; Image Seven: sampler.com; Image Eight: onecharmingparty.com; Image Nine: tatertotsandjello.com

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2 Responses to Fall inspiration board!

  1. GENIUS idea with the thumb tacks!!

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