Ethereal Oregon Boudoir Featured on Once Wed

I can honestly say that I feel that this is some of my best work (brought out by the incredible women I collaborated with, of course) and some of the very hardest to have to wait months to share with everyone! The wait is over, and you can see more on Once Wed. Without further ado, Oneanta Gorge Boudoir:

I cannot say enough good things about how many incredible people I get to work with. It is truly a pleasure. Ashley Kelemen is such a talented photographer and also one of my favorite people. Beth Level Artistry created this incredible glowing goddess that is Lana Nyman. I could happily work with them every day.

Oregon is one of those incredible states where you really can travel to every kind of environment within its state lines. However, when I first came to Oneonta Gorge it was like nothing I have ever seen. The gorge is akin to what you would imagine finding in Hawaii or Costa Rica, but instead of palm trees the ridge is dotted with pines.

Your senses come alive as you walk through the gorge; everything gets quieter and cooler, the sun makes the water sparkle and the air is the freshest you can imagine. I couldn’t possibly think of a better location for something as intimate and special as a boudoir session.

I chose simple and natural feeling materials and colors that would not detract from the awe-inspiring setting.

Looking through Ashley’s beautiful images I’m immediately transported back to this incredible place where I can nearly hear the echoes of the falls and feel the early morning sun start to warm my skin.

See Once Wed for more of this feature!

Photography: Ashley Kelemen | Creative Direction + Styling: A & B Creative | Hair & Makeup: Beth Level Artistry | Model: Lana Moon Nyman | Film: Indie Film Lab

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