Easiest Dog Bed DIY You Ever Did See

Today I have a little DIY for your pup that is incredibly simple (so much so, that I almost feel guilty calling it a “diy”) and cozy for the colder months. This “project” was born out of moving into my studio and getting to bring my little Rue with me each day. The first day I was fully set-up she slept in my favorite vintage sweater next to me on my desk. It wasn’t the most conducive place for her to sleep. I mentioned this to A and he suggested that I make a little dog bed for her out of the vintage apple basket I wasn’t currently using. So, here goes the “instructions” for this: 

What I love about this simple idea is that if you don’t want to buy a dog bed and/or you want to match your dog bed to your house/room/office this is perfect. Apple baskets, vintage tennis ball baskets or egg baskets all work great and all you have to do is pop some soft fabric or blanket into and you’re good to go! I especially love that it’s short enough for her to jump into but deep enough that she can still do her weird little digging to make herself cozy. Doesn’t she look comfy?

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