‘Creative Manifesto

On a rare morning that I wake up with more energy and rapidly firing synapses then I’ve had in quite some time, I have to take advantage. Decided to write a manifesto, here it goes:

A & B Creative (or at least the blog) is going to start seeing some changes. The past year has been one of the most challenging, and with adversity I feel that one is more and more driven to live as their authentic self. Being bed-bound for long stretches of that year forces you even more so to be self-reflective. To think about all that you really want and want to do and create.

Just as I’m constantly telling our couples that their wedding is first and foremost their day, well…your life should certainly be your own! Starting your own business is incredible in so many ways, and the most amazing of all of the benefits is certainly creating a business that allows you to do what you love and create the life you want for yourself through that.

So, how will this all look? For weddings, we’re focusing on the ones that initially made us fall in love with this intimate gift we have the privilege of being a part of; those are small, intimate and destination weddings. One of our very first weddings (over four years ago) was an intimate destination wedding where nearly EVERY SINGLE person there cried happy tears at one point during the day! We don’t require tears, but seeing that joy at sharing these moments and the desire to be as present as they all were, man, that’s the good stuff. That’s where we began and where we’ve been many times over and we’re now getting more purposeful about that being our focus.

For styling, we’re expanding more purposefully into interior styling and interior design & planning, specifically for small spaces (something that has long been a passion of mine (see: living in a closet (literally) in high school to maximize the living space of my bedroom) and with which we have a big announcement coming soooon! (For now, here’s a little sneak peek of a corner of our #BittyBerkeleyBungalow)

Just as no person is just one thing and people are constantly evolving,  A & B Creative has never been just one thing; that’s the entire reason why “Creative” had to be part of our business name! In that vein, I’m also going to be sharing little snipits (or links at the least) of my personal passion which has always been performing (and more specifically, acting). More to come on that, perhaps with photos from the archives of middle school through college theater? Yikes.

May this be the beginning of loving what we do that much more and continuing to find humor and inspiration in the dark times and support and love in the times of light.

And, here’s one last sneak peek from our little house warming dinner a little while ago.

Wedding photos: Jay Eads, Our little house sneak peek and housewarming photos : Ashley Kelemen

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