Blogshop Portland, 2014

I’m still catching up from pre-surgery work and this was a fun project I’m excited to finally share! I was asked by Blogshop to come back and do the decor for their Portland Blogshop (see what I made for the first one I collaborated with in 2012 here!) late this summer. I love that when I collaborate with Blogshop I know I can do some really fun bright colors and modern approaches to design (don’t get me wrong, I love neutrals and “organic” as much as the next girl, but POP is pretty fun too!) and I love what we created.

As soon as I knew we would be doing the floral aspects too I reached out to Miss Floral guru herself Sarah of The Green Dandelion. Here we are morning-of, installing! We may have been just a little exhausted from being up the night before wrapping everything up.

Sarah created gorgeous centerpieces in wood bowls and together we created a pretty hanging floral backdrop.

I also made a fern wall photobooth for the attendees. Catch Bri’s write-up of the class on Design Love Fest!

Photos by Angela Kohler & Bri Emery.

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