Are You Getting Married Today?

Before we get into all the silliness, happy Veteran’s Day.  We are ever thankful to your service and dedication to our country.  Now back to the silliness.  Bride magazine has estimated that almost 50,000 couples are getting married today on 11/11/11 (the nuptials began at midnight and will continue until 11:59 tonight in order to cram everyone in.).  Of those nearly 100,000 people, do you think they have been planning on this day for years, or did the gimmick and memorable date push them toward doing it today?  I’m sure that for some of them, this is a special date, but others might just be Spinal Tap fans who want to be able to say that their wedding “went to eleven.”

Now, if you aren’t ready to get married today, or somehow didn’t know this unusual date was coming, I’m happy to inform you that 12/12/12 is just around the corner.  But beware, not only is this nearing “the end of the world,” but it will also be the last time in a hundred years that all three digits of the date will repeat.


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6 Responses to Are You Getting Married Today?

  1. Kate says:

    I am not but I am officiating the wedding between two of my friends !
    I love your site + blog ! Thanks for visiting . . .
    Happy 11.11.11 !


  2. val says:

    I love your site. I went thru all. The furniture is amazing, your photos. I love your writting. I loved all. I will be fallowing you.
    thank you for your comment in my blog

  3. Wow .. 50,000 couples! Beautiful! Great pic of alarm + calendar : Nice to have found ur blog thru BYW!

  4. tammie says:

    hahaha! love the spinal tap reference. you have a gorgeous blog.

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