Alameda Antique Fair

Monday! Sorry, I just couldn’t write “Happy Monday,” but it is Monday so: Monday everybody! Yesterday was the Alameda Antique Fair and A and I went for fun (it is my “happy place”), but also to scout for our shoots we’re designing next month. We found a bunch of fun pieces and we can’t wait to show you in a few months how they all came together! Here’s a little sneak peek at our winter inspiration:

All photos taken by A & B Creative, please ask permission before using.

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3 Responses to Alameda Antique Fair

  1. Heidi says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE your style! And it looks like you did very well at the Alameda fair… I hope we get to see how you stage these goodies!

    I have been married almost 15 years, so no need to have any big fancy events any time soon, but you have me thinking about renewing my vows! (Just for the decor – I’m think my husband and I are pretty good with the vows w/o a party. :) )

    Have a good one!
    - Heidi

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks Heidi! I’ll be posting some sneak peeks of the shoots for sure, but can’t post all the pics until they’re published after submissions. Probably around January?

      You should totally do a vow renewal, or just a vow update! Check back for inspirations if you do ;)

  2. Rho Mueller-Warrant says:

    Can’t WAIT to see the winter shots come out. Your new props look divine.

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