A new obsession:

Whilst trolling the net researching for a freelance article I discovered hair bows. Not bows in your hair, but your hair…as a bow. Not the enormous Lady Gagaesque ones either, but ones you might actually consider donning. I’m not really sure why I am so fixated on this but they’re just so beautiful and unexpected. Here are some images to get you all obsessive too.

I think this one is my favorite, anything with a bouffant gets me going…

These are both more formal hair bows that would be perfect wedding hair options.

This last one would be a fun everyday hair bow, also probably pretty easy to recreate yourself.

Image One: ffffound.com; Image Two: hairwars.tumblr.com; Image Three: via Pinterest; Image Four: via Pinterest

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5 Responses to A new obsession:

  1. Thanks for the share! Very useful info, looking to communicate!

  2. wow i’ve never seen this before! so fun :)

  3. mikayla says:

    thanks for the idea! but how do i figure out how to do it???

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